Longines Bay Jewelry (Amoy) Co. Ltd.

About us

The brand was founded on 2015 by Mr. Winston King (Chinese Name: JIN WEI SHENG) on a love of jewellery and a desire for change. In the two decades of its existence, the brand has quietly and steadily carved out a market niche and established a successful company based on aesthetic quality, great craftsmanship, relationships, and trust. The Longines International is renowned for its exceptional designs, painstaking craftsmanship, and natural purity.

All of the goods are produced on-site. Since we create the designs ourselves, we can guarantee that they are of the highest calibre, maintain their original look, and—most importantly—transmit the creators' ideas in the final product.

We supply jewellery in North America and Europe and South East Asia to Any industry without any minimum order limitation.

We also provide customized products as per required by our clients with competitive rates

Longines GOLD

The Longines’s gold collection is created with the highest love and attention, and it is certain to evoke a wide range of feelings. We have interesting and mesmerising golden symphonic oodles. Since time’s eternity, we have been feeding the golden thirst.

Longines SILVER

Silver is synonymous to regality and nostalgia. Whether to gift yourself, or to gift someone a souvenir, the range of silver jewellery and collectibles we offer are matchless in quality and aesthetics.

Longines DIAMOND

The diamond is a symbol of love and purity. Our diamond jewellery line tells tales of enduring bonds

how we work

01. Planning

Our format thought comes from assorted sources. Our innovativeness and thought are explicitly gotten from venture, records, voyaging, lifestyle subculture and nature.

02. Designing

Whenever we have an outline of the series' thought, we exaggerate the idea on paper. From that point, we cross into the genuine design strategy. This is done with a CAD .This allows us to draw in the part of scale and to convey the plan to ways of life.

03. Fabricating

The Diamonds and variety stones that we use are economically obtained with the guide of involving us in consistence with global quality practices. In this way, our Diamonds and lab-developed Diamonds are decrease in-home with the guide of utilising our gathering of craftsmans.

04. Quality Control

We amuse ourselves on our advantage to detail. Each piece is brimming with affection and care. We are continually trying to upgrade our supplier levels.